Choreography and Competition Coaching

Finding storylines and evolving sequences of well defined steps, turns, jumps, floor work and acrobatic elements is part of the choreographic work.

Every piece is designed with a personal note witch highlightens the dancer and the choreographer alike. In the preparatory work the focus lies in developing a coherent story, picture or abstract emotion in order to display the underlying motive and theme of the choreography.

A detailed musical analysis and regard to the prerequisites involved form the next step of the work. In the next stage, the outline of the choreography is presented and conveyed to the dancer and will be modulated and redefined untill it's final structure. At the same time, the decorative features including costumes, make-up and stage props wil be discussed and chosen.

For competition coaching a set of different rules apply. Not only must the choreography appeal to the audience, it also has to fulfill certain criteria given by the rules of the particular organisations and federations.

The practice units include additional elements like sports psychological coaching, mental strategies, practicing of rules-conform moving elements as well as building up stamina, strength, flexibility and particular muscle groups involved.

Each individual dancer, group or gymnast enjoys the full attention of the coach and therefore is promoted at its best.

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